Masonic Hall Association Of Long Beach

Welcome to Long Beach Lodge's Hall Association page.
We hope you find all the information you need. This page contains information about the tenants that occupy our facility. As you can see there are five groups that utilize our facility and the use or rental of the facility is usually reserved for the tenants that occupy it.

The Hall Association.....

The Long Beach Hall has the following tenants meeting during the month...........
Long Beach Masonic Lodge....Blue Lodge.....(Thursday Evenings)
Los Cerritos Masonic Lodge....Blue Lodge....(Monday Evenings)
Pacific Rim Masonic Lodge......Blue Lodge....(Tuesday Evenings)
Long Beach Eastern Star......Ladies'/Men's Group....(1st & 3rd Wednesday Evenings)

Many of these tenants have occasional social events on the weekends which are in addition to their normal weekday meetings.

The Calendar for these groups and the contact person is available from the Hall Association