I would like to start off by thanking two of our most honorable and noble members, Worshipful John W. Gaddis IV and Worshipful Matt Vander Horck, for going to Grand Lodge and representing Long Beach Lodge. These two brothers have served your Lodge countless times without hesitation.  They are a rare breed and I wish our Lodge had more men like them.                 
      In addition, Worshipful Vander Horck has been appointed as the new Inspector of the 304th District of which our Lodge is in. He has served as Master of Long Beach Lodge three times and continues to dedicate his time to better our fraternity. Worshipful Matt, along with Brother Dave Romero, spent numerous hours on rebuilding our Past Masters Wall in the dining room. It represents 110 men of over  120 years;  it’s displayed with honor and respect and represents a piece of history of Long Beach.  It’s something as a Master to be very proud of, knowing that, as we perish from this earth, our faces will leave an impact on those that aspire to join us on that wall.

      The November Stated Meeting will be busy. This is the time where you will be electing and voting on the new officers to hold their elected positions.  We will also be electing and voting on 2, possibly 4, new members to serve on the Temple Board.  Our Senior Warden will be announcing the results of the resolutions from Grand Lodge Annual Communications.              .      

      I would like to welcome our newest Master Mason, Jack Lewis, and congratulate him on being raised to a Master Mason on the 27th of October. Brother Lewis has been a regular participant in our degrees and has shown interest in becoming an officer of Long Beach Lodge.              .
      I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and may you have an opportunity to spend some quality time with your Family and friends over this month’s holiday.

From The East,
Bryant W. Gaddis , PM
Worshipful Master