In August we had one 1st Degree and two 2nd Degrees. Our lodge has been receiving approximately one application a month. The officers have been fairly busy putting on Degrees this year.  It would sure be nice to have some of our members volunteer to fill some positions on our degree nights. If you would like to help out in one of the degrees, this is a perfect opportunity to help your brothers. On several occasions I hear that our newer and younger Masons are seeking a better understanding of what masonry is all about.
    In order that one may better understand our principals and the practices of Masonry is to get involved in the degrees. This is where your foundation begins.  The degrees offer everything; but you need to work in them to understand where your Masonic education begins. Like many things in life, you can read all about it. But until you do it or experience it, you will never understand the true meaning nor will it have and impact on you. You can read all about what pizza tastes like, you can smell as well. But you will never know what it taste like or how satisfying it is until you eat it. The bottom line is if you are seeking more from Masonry, then you need to get involved. It’s that simple.
    On September 30th our Past Grand Master The Most Worshipful Bill Stovall will be receiving the Golden Veterans Award. Representing 50years as a Mason.  Social hour will start at 5pm, followed by dinner at 6pm and the ceremonies will be at 7pm in the Lodge room.  
    I was fortunate to be the 100th and the youngest Master of Long Beach Lodge in 1995 the year in which Bill was Grand Master and it will be my honor to be Master again when he will be receiving his 50yr pin.
    Masonry has brought me more then I could have ever imagined.  I feel blest to have a Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather and Brother that have all been Masters of their Lodge’s at one time or another.

From The East,
Bryant W. Gaddis , PM
Worshipful Master