A late evening on a Wednesday and my creativity level is a little short. Has that happened to you... where you try to think outside of the box to solve a problem only to come up empty-handed? For me, it seems like the harder I try, the harder it is. I have to take a step back at the situation and think about it... or I collaborate with others for a solution. I suppose you can say that this is a lesson of patience. Freemason Benjamin Franklin once said, "He that can have patience can have what he will." I continue learning the art of patience.
     November is our last full month before installation and I want to take a moment to thank all the officers and members for a fantastic year. Stepping into Junior Warden, initially, was challenging and I thank you for your confidence and trust. Do not hesitate to contact me if there are any suggestions you may have.

Larry R. LaCost Jr., PM
Senior Warden Elect 2018