Another semester is over. Even at my age, I continue to go to school for career advancement. It’s nice to take a break for a few weeks to not only reflect on what was learned but also how it relates to everyday life; including Masonry. I must have approached my professor a record amount of times, asking questions on a one on one basis. I think that’s the reason why I achieved an A.                  .
      Translating this to Lodge, we are learning organization with each individual growing at a different pace and level. Each member of the Lodge should feel confident to approach other individuals to learn; regardless of status or committee.          .
      Our leadership in this lodge, the three principal officers, have an open door policy; one that you can approach confidently and ask any questions regarding the Lodge. And, if we don’t have the answers, we will take the time to find out and get back to you; privately, as you learn. That way you know our trust and integrity is there for you.
      The Lodge has many opportunities for advancement and we want to help and encourage our members to grow morally and professionally. This will be our culture.

Larry R. LaCost Jr., PM
Senior Warden