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Long Beach Lodge #327  F.&A.M.

Free & Accepted Masons Of California

Happy New Year!
Our next event will be a

“Sweethearts & Honorable
Ladies Evening”

Saturday February 18th, at 5pm
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If you are interested in Freemasonry please contact us with
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Meeting Information

We meet Thursday evenings.
Stated Meetings are on the
First Thursday of the month at 8pm.
with a dinner before at 7pm
Check our calendar for details.

Sojourning and Visiting Masons are welcome to join us!

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Upcoming Events

“Sweethearts & Honorable Ladies”
Saturday February 18th,
Door open at 5pm
Dinner: Buffet of Meat and Fish Gentlemen $25 Donation
Ladies are Complementary
RSVP: secretary@masonry.org


A Word From The Lodge

Let there be light!

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We Look Forward To Seeing You!



Cycling For Shelter

Please Donate Today!   All of your donations will go to
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Long Beach Lodge No. 327 F&AM originally begun in 1896 and occupied a space in a bank building on Pine Avenue in downtown Long Beach when the City of Long Beach was a small town by the beach. Since then, several thousand good men have come through its doors and incorporated the teachings of Freemasonry into their lives, thus bettering themselves and our society.
Just over 60 years ago the Lodge moved into its current location on Locust Ave. Built by men of vision, our current Masonic Facility has served numerous Lodges, and other Masonic affiliated groups with beauty and distinction.
Today, Long Beach Lodge has a membership just under three hundred and fifty. It meets the first Thursday evening of the month for its Stated Meeting and the subsequent Thursdays evenings are for degrees and social functions.
In addition to being part of an ancient fraternity as a brotherhood, we participate in a variety of community support efforts throughout the year. Our members are proud of their fraternity and the legacy of Freemasonry.

Get In Touch –
We’d Love To Hear From You.
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All Masons Are Welcome

Established in 1896 .
Meets Thursday evenings –
Stated Meetings are on the
1st Thursday evening of the month at 8pm.
We welcome Sojourners and Visitors.
A Little About Us
Long Beach Lodge began when Long Beach was just a little city near the beach on a floor above a bank in 1896.
February message from the Master


First and foremost,  the 2023 Officers’ Installation was very beautiful and despite the rain, many made an effort to attend.

The success of the event was made possible by the brothers and their families and by the gentlemen aspiring to be members, who volunteered and gave their time to do the preparations from start till after the event.

We always intend to know our future brothers in our lodge and them to know us.

Let us inspire them further by our presence in the lodge that they may have the realization that being a mason does not stop after being raised or after fulfilling the position of an officer but rather to show them that it’s a lifetime commitment and it’s part of our lifestyle.

I do not see any other way of cementing their interest but by them seeing us and fellowshipping with us.

We owe to our lodge to keep  it alive and vibrant, and we owe it our obligations to welcome and guide our future brothers.

There will be an election on our Stated meeting and I hope your obligations bring you to the lodge that day and every event our lodge will hold.

On February 18, we will give a night of recognition and honor to ladies of masonry who are always there to render their supports.

Make yourselves available that night so all of us can enjoy it together.

Let us all pursue in 
” Committing to our 
Obligations “

Dave Romero
Your Brother

February message from the Senior Warden


Thank you to all of you who attended our installation.  Bigger thanks to our installing officers, W Matthew Vander Horck as the Installing Master, W Dan Moran as Master of Ceremonies and W Shaun Mathers as Installing Chaplin. 

We’ll be holding practices for upcoming degrees these next few months.  Please, if you’re able to do so, make arrangements to attend and support our initiates and newly obligated brothers.

We also hold our Officer’s School of Instruction (OSI) at our lodge.  It is hosted by the different lodges in our district on the 4th Wednesday of each month; (however, it will be dark in February).   For those that don’t’ know, the other lodges in our district (#642) are Pac Rim, Lakewood, and International City.  All Master Masons are welcome to attend.  EA and FC are also welcome on those nights opened on their respective degrees.  Please check the calendar for the dates.

Let’s make this year an attendance year.  The more the better.  I hope to see more of you at our stating meetings and conferrals.

Dean West
Senior Warden

February message from the Junior Warden


Greetings from the South to you and your families brethren.

To start the year, we had a great 127th Installation of officers! It was such a pleasure to celebrate with all of you and your families. Thank you again to all of you who took the time set up for the event days before and especially staying after the event.

Our next event is the Sweethearts’ and Honorable Ladies Dance on 2/18/2023. Information can be found on www.masonry.org and invitations have been mailed. 

I’m really looking forward to a great 2023 year with all of you. We really have some wonderful events lined up for our lodge members with opportunities to get into the community, fellowship and taking in some masonic education.

“Let there be light! the great Creator spoke, And, at the summons, slumbering nature woke, While from the east the primal morning broke, Back rolled the curtains of the night, And earth rejoiced to see the light”. – Thomas W. Davis

“Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth” 

Harry Bugarin
Junior Warden

2023 Dues info from the Secretary

Brethren of Long Beach Lodge,

Dues for 2023 are $151.00
Just send a check to the lodge or
you may log onto the
Grand Lodge Website and pay online there.
Hope to see you soon!